Is a Break/Fix Situation a Project? I just found out the hard way.

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Like many people, I am working at home and using my kitchen more than usual. Unlike most adult women I know, I have the blessing of quarantining with my childhood hero. He usually answers to, “DAD!” Fortunately, he has a lifetime of experience fixing things.

Here are a whole lot of project management fundamentals that I suspect will resonate with anyone who has ever tackled a home project with a loved one. There are major parallels here to what happens in a break/fix situation at work also. I hope it makes you laugh. But more importantly, I hope it makes you think.

Selecting the Right Project (We Hope)

Trigger - Weird “pop” sound comes from the kitchen.

Discover Root Cause - Oh no! The bottom element in the oven snapped!