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Contact us to explore creating a custom curriculum to help your organization navigate the intense terrain of Projectland

“The response to the classes have been overwhelmingly positive.  On a scale of 1 to 10, they consistently received an average rating of over 9 on all elements of instructor performance and content & delivery.”

– Catherine Lamb, Director of PhillyStat, City of Philadelphia


Agile: Role-based, practical learning

Agile Foundations

2 days

  • Background and Drivers for Agile Adoptions

  • Lean Overview

  • Scrum Overview

  • Kanban Overview

  • Scrum Roles

  • Scrum Events

  • Estimation and Planning with Scrum

  • Managing an Operational Backlog with Scrum and Kanban

  • Agile Organizational Transformation

ScrumMaster Training

1 day

  • Pre-requisite: Agile Foundations

  • The ScrumMaster Role

  • Management vs Facilitation

  • Coaching Techniques

  • Supporting the Team

  • Supporting the Product Owner

  • Facilitating Organizational Change

Product Owner Training

1 day

  • Pre-requisite: Agile Foundations

  • The Product Owner Role

  • BA vs Product Owner

  • Productized Organizations

  • Refining and Prioritizing the Backlog

  • Owning the Product

  • Estimation and Planning with Scrum

“This was an excellent course! Very interactive and engaging.  Topics were interesting and thought-provoking. Lively, interesting, and engaging presenter who kept my attention.  I didn’t want to miss anything.”

– Business Project Leaders, Campbell Soup Company

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Lean Foundations

2 days

  • Background and Introduction to Lean

  • Lean Principles for Manufacturing

  • Lean Principles for Software Development

  • Kanban, Scrum, and other Lean Management Techniques

  • Eliminating Waste

  • Continuous Improvement

Agile for Managers & Leaders

1 day

  • Understanding key Agile Terms and Techniques

  • Agile Roles and Events

  • Translation vs Transformation

  • Benefits of Agile

  • Potential Pitfalls of Agile Transformations

  • Supporting teams in Transition

Practical Business Analysis Bootcamp

2 days

  • Elicitation vs Gathering vs Discovery

  • Models for capturing information

  • Agile vs traditional requirements gathering models

  • Requirements formats

  • To-be vs as-built

  • Auditing and compliance

  • Contextualization, Empathy, and the Path to Success

Practical PM

Practical Project Management for Everyone





We Can Combine Mini-Courses into a Custom Course to Meet Your Needs

Delivering Results is Not Enough

1.5 hours

Imagine a scenario in which you deliver the exact results desired.  Now imagine you delivered those results far too late, consumed entirely too many people, spent too much money and upset a lot of important people along the way.  

  • What is a project? What is it not?

  • Why are delivering results not enough?

  • What are "delivery objectives"?

  • What are tips and techniques for managing these 5 important elements?

  • What should every project manager do at the beginning of a project?

Materials for this course are also available in English/Polish.

Starting Projects Successfully

2 hours


Congratulations!  You’ve been requested to lead a very important project.  What you do in the beginning sets the stage for future success or a bumpy ride. Learn how to start your project successfully and with confidence.

  • Refresh a few fundamentals

  • Review the first two (2) best practice focus areas in our simple, practical methodology

  • Simulate how to start a project successfully

  • Determine actions you will take

Materials for this course are also available in English/Polish.

Executing Projects Flawlessly

2 hours

Your project is underway and your team is working hard.  Now what?  This course provides an overview of five (5) key best practice areas that ensure your project stays on track.

  • Refresh a few fundamentals

  • Review the next five (5) best practice focus areas in our our simple, practical methodology

  • Simulate planning best practices with our fun case study project

  • Simulate keeping the project "on plan"

  • Determine actions you will take 

Successfully Delivering Your Project

1.5 hours


The project team has done a fine job in completing much of the work of the project and soon you will be leading the team to enter the final stage before completion.  This course provides an overview of the final best practice in the methodology that will help you to successfully complete the project. ​

  • Refresh a few fundamentals

  • Review the final best practice focus areas in our our simple, practical methodology

  • Determine actions you will take 

Managing Multiple Projects

2 hours

Perhaps you have proven yourself as a solid project manager.  Now that you have been entrusted to manage multiple projects simultaneously, how do you feel?  Learn 8 principles, tips, tools and techniques that you can apply immediately.  Feel GREAT about your ability to keep all of your projects on track and manage your life too.

  • Discuss common challenges

  • Walk through eight (8) top tips, tools and techniques

  • Share practices that work in your organization

  • Exercise: Using the Managing Multiple Projects with Ease worksheet, complete your self evaluation and plan actions to apply immediately 

Best Practice Principles for Productive Meetings

2 hours

​How many hours have you spent in meetings that have left you feeling less than energized? Participants learn best practice principles for both leading and participating in meetings and create a personalized action plan to dramatically improve meeting productivity and satisfaction.

  • Why do we have meetings?

  • Common symptoms suggesting meeting practices could be improved 

  • What value is there in improving meeting productivity and satisfaction?

  • Meeting types and frequency in projectland 

  • Top 10 tips for making the most of meetings

  • Top 10 sample meeting participant ground rules

  • Top 10 sample facilitator guidelines  

  • Sample meeting notes thinking tool 

  • Exercise: Simulate a typical project meeting

  • Determine actions you will take

Simulation-Style Planning & Scheduling Workshop for Everyone


Project leaders must balance limited resources and deliver under challenging deadlines in the face of ever-increasing stakeholder expectations.  Internally, they must also report performance to management with confidence.  Project Sponsors must understand what they should expect from their project managers and how not to accidently sabotage their own projects and team members need to learn how to be successful in their roles.  Developed by practitioners, this course reviews a simple, practical 10-step process for creating a winning plan and schedule and offers proven techniques to deliver critical projects on time and with confidence. 

  • Learn how to plan all aspects

  • Create a realistic schedule that considers risks and quality

  • Adapt to risks and changes, and evaluate options to stay on track

  • Assess and communicate progress with confidence

  • Practice using best practice “thinking tools” in a safe learning environment

  • Learn proven and practical tips and techniques that can be applied immediately

  • Assess themselves and create individual action plans

  • Assess organizational strengths and challenges

  • Collaborate, improve teamwork and have fun!

Crystal Clear Scope: WBS Workshop

2 hours


Starting projects successfully includes ensuring that your SCOPE is crystal clear. This is one of the most critical areas to get right.  Without clarity around what you are delivering, you can not successfully predict the resources you need, the time the work will take or the cost of delivering it.  Not only must you define what you WILL deliver, but also it is important to define what you will NOT. 


This mini-course allows participants to practice the art and science of breaking down deliverables (e.g., creating a Work Breakdown Structure) and defining scope clearly in a safe learning environment. 

  • Refresh a few fundamentals

  • Review the our simple, practical methodology for starting projects successfully

  • Learn winning techniques for avoiding scope creep

  • Practice creating crystal clear scope using our Top 10 Tips 

  • Determine actions you will take 

Status Report Workshop

2 hours 

Project reporting and communication are very important to project success.  In many cases, project reports that are shared with the project team are also shared with senior leadership. The key of the report is to communicate the right information to all levels so that the current state of the project is clearly understood. The purpose of this training is to give project leaders tools and tips to better communicate the state of projects to all levels of the organization.  This training emphasizes the importance of why project reporting is a critical element to project success. This training is geared toward anyone who is NOT a classically trained professional project manager, but can also be a form of continuous learning for project managers who are trained project management professionals. 

  • Refresh a few fundamentals

  • Why do we create a project status report? 

  • Explore the value (i.e., not a "form" to fill out as quickly as possible)

  • What are key elements of a basic status report?

  • Review a 1-page practical status report model

  • Practice! Using an existing project, prepare and deliver a 2-minute project update in a safe learning environment 

  • Give and receive feedback with respect  

  • Determine actions you will take 

The Clock is Ticking!

Create Your Winning Schedule

2.5 hours


Review key tips to create a winning schedule that will enable you and your team to deliver on time and with confidence.  Participants will walk away appreciating basic and proven methods for scheduling, monitoring against the schedule and adjusting to changes or risks. Successfully applying course learnings to active projects will increase the organization’s ability to plan and deliver projects with greater predictability.  

Participants will:

  • Explore 4 schedule enablers

  • Receive 15 tips for creating a winning schedule

  • Discuss which tool is right per project situation

  • Practice creating a winning schedule with a partner using a basic, intuitive and free tool called Trello 


This hands-on simulation experience will prepare participants to begin using the tool immediately, with confidence.  

Practical Project Management for Everyone: Interactive Fundamentals

3 days

Upon completion of this action-packed, highly interactive course, participants will:

  1. Become familiar with the project management process published by the Project Management Institute (PMI) via our exclusive game 

  2. Learn the essential 3 P's and where projects fit within the overall organization

  3. Learn the definition of a successful project (delivering results are not enough!)

  4. Understand the five (5) delivery objectives and corresponding tools to manage each one

  5. Learn the secret to becoming a GREAT project manager

  6. Self-assess whether project management is a good career fit and how to improve 

  7. Identify their individual communication style

  8. Understand and learn how to flex for the four (4) basic communication styles

  9. Learn how disastrous it can be when we fail to select the right project

  10. Initiate, plan, execute, monitor and control and close a project successfully, through a fun and interactive case study

  11. Analyze the Top 10 benefits improving project management can bring to your organization

  12. Capstone: Work as a team to analyze a newsworthy project against principles learned in the course OR (Key West Only) engage in a team-building treasure hunt!

And more...

If you don't see what you're looking for, ask! Additional courses include: 

Program/Project Management Offices: Proven, Practical Training for Leaders


PMO Primer for Leaders

2.5 hours

Geared toward organizational leaders, this session gathers input to identify  opportunities for improvement using a common language and way of thinking based on best practices. Leaders describe the value that would be realized by achieving a new level of project management performance and identify actions that will support your organization's success through better project management. 

  • Best Practice Project Management 101 Concepts

  • Puzzle Breakdown: 6 principles and 4 pieces that transform strategy into enterprise value

  • Explore the value your organization would gain by implementing more project management best practices through an interactive Top 10 exercise

  • Introduction to the robust PMO services grid

  • Align PMO elements to your top desired benefits

  • Identify potential next actions